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Cisco Telepresence Room

The Cisco TelePresence Videoconferencing is the innovative communications technology that allows the negotiators in different parts of the world in a real-time remote to hold a meeting with the virtual presence effect. This innovative technology blurs out the distance boundaries between people and their locations and creates the negotiators' presence sensation from around the world in the room.

The Cisco TelePresence Meeting Videoconferencing is the first system solution for meetings to combine natural size and high image quality, surround sound and specially optimized meeting room equipment.

  • Cisco Telepresence studio in Kiev avialable.
  • Capacity: Up to 18 persons
  • Price:  $600 per one hour
  • Also we can advice you same quality studios all over the world so you can invite your partners and enjoy an unsurpassed effect of telepresence.

The Cisco TelePresence Public Studio CTS-3210 in Kiev

The Cisco TelePresence CTS-3210 the Presence Effect Videoconference is the largest meetings system in the TelePresence series. It consists of a large conference room with 18 active negotiation participants capacity on one virtual hand.


Technical Equipment

The Cisco TelePresence CTS-3210 includes:

  • 65-inch plasma three displays
  • High resolution 1080p cluster Camcorder
  • Broadband microphones and speakers
  • Cisco Unified Phone 7975G
  • Collaboration Means


Components of The Cisco TelePresence Components

Latest standards and technologies have been applied, including:

  • High-definition video cameras and encode / decode algorithms corresponding
  • Broadband low delay sound coding algorithms improved
  • Multi-channel surround sound echo suppression system with noise filters to eliminate mobile devices feedback
  • Optimized adaptable environmental functions to ensure the best audio and video possible quality to improve the overall user's system experience
  • Complete multimedia data coding and alarm Cisco TelePresence calls, with negligible delay for 48 segments maximum
  • High-resolution video for the presence effect
  • Videoconferencing based H.323 systems compatible, with standard and other - (HD) high-definition ultimate devices

The CiscoTelePresence Video system


  • Natural 1080p resolution
  • The small size
  • Produced and managed by Cisco CTS codec


  • 65" plasma
  • Natural 1080p resolution
  • The natural size of the image - two people on one screen
  • Produced and managed by Cisco CTS codec


Video Processing

The Cisco TelePresence codec uses 1080p / 30:

  • 1920 vertical lines extension(16: 9)
  • 1080 horizontal lines extention
  • 1,5 GBit uncompressed

The Cisco TelePresence codec uses 5.3 Mbps for a 1080p screen, thus is 99% compressed.

The CiscoTelePresence Audio system


  • A separate microphone for each table Cegment
  • Multi-channel surround echo cancellation audio
  • Audio Codec AAC-LD
  • The codec G.711 for joined-conferences
  • 4 audio channels per system
  • Filtration cell phone signals

Loud Speakers

For high quality human speech playback especially designed. Placed under each 65 "plasma to create a feeling of the sound coming from the speaker (surround sound).

The CiscoTelePresence user’s interface

  • Cisco Unified Phone 7975G
  • Touch screen display to codec controlling



  • Manual calls
  • System numbers for speed dial (such as those containing the other rooms numbers)
  • For scheduled meetings, the "One click" regime support to start the meeting
  • Conferences / connection (Join) is used to add the audio TelePresence Meeting participants

The CiscoTelePresence MeansCollaboration

  • Document-camera WolfVision VZ-C12 (CTS-3000)
  • HD projector NEC LCD4010BK (40-inch), in a recess under the table with LCD display installed
  • The video cable and the lap-top book wire to connect


The Document-camera - a modern presentation tool, displays the object images too valuable for transportation or for those that can not be copied or sent by e-mail. Cisco recommends to use document camera WolfVision producted. Objects of any type (eg, books, photographs, 3-D images, etc.) may be reproduced BY document camera quickly and simply, in addition, the camera supports high definition output for video and information projects, displays, interactive digital boards and videoconferencing systems.